Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing is made from Colorbond steel, which is widely used in Australia for roofing, fencing, walls, gutters, garage doors, and a variety of other purposes.

Colorbond fencing is one of the best fencing options available since it’s non-combustible, long-lasting, and resistant to Australian weather changes. It’s also durable and easy to maintain. Colorbond steel has made a name for itself in Australia as a high-quality multi-purpose material, and is especially favoured for its use in fencing. 

Benefits of Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing makes for a great privacy screen, deterring nosy neighbours and inquisitive strangers from your property. Colorbond fencing is solid metal, leaving no gaps for prying eyes. You can enjoy the privacy of the outdoors, and some added security with the lack of footholds and handhelds, preventing anyone from climbing over. Furthermore, Colorbond fencing does a better job at blocking out noise, which is especially beneficial if you live near busy roads or highways.

Colorbond steel was designed to reflect the colours of the Australian environment and landscapes, and as such provides a variety of relevant options for your own purposes. Australian property owners can install Colorbond fencing without worrying about clashing colours and palettes, and can instead enjoy the benefits that Colorbond style provides, increasing the value of homes through its appealing looks. And if you’re looking to go even further with your design, you can add in optional accessories, such as slats and louvres. 

If you’re looking for a fencing material that is both stylish and good for the environment, Colorbond is the way to go. 

  • Colorbond fencing is able to be efficiently recycled, with minimal waste during the recycling process and the potential for repurposing. 
  • Colorbond fencing has a high level of resistance against pests and chemicals, which makes it unnecessary to administer any further chemicals for maintenance. 
  • This positively affects the environment, as the lack of chemicals means the grass and ground won’t be affected by seeping or run-off. This is also true for painting, where lack of required painting ensures minimal seeping and run-off into the ground.

Lyhart aluminium panels are made all welded and powdercoated to guarantee their long-lasting quality and durability in the Australian environment. Aluminum’s non-corrosive qualities make it an excellent choice for your home’s fencing solutions.

If you want to create a more sustainable image, aluminium is a better option than PVC. Because aluminum fences may be recycled when they are no longer in use, they have a smaller environmental effect.

Increasingly people are becoming aware of their environmental impact, and are searching for products that will cause as little harm as feasible for their purposes. An aluminium fence is a more cost-effective alternative that resembles the look of wrought iron and steel metal. It’s lightweight, making shipping costs significantly lower, and it may be bent and molded into a wide range of architectural forms, making it a popular construction material. In terms of its environmental effect, weight, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance, aluminium fence is still a popular choice.

As mentioned before, Colorbond has based their colour palettes off the colours of Australia, found in our beautiful landscapes and scenery. They offer a wide range of colours, from bold and dark to cool and warm, and are grouped under five main categories. 

These categories are:

  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Matt
  • Ultra

and for our purposes; 

  • Fencing

Colorbond has devoted an entire palette towards fencing, which demonstrates their commitment towards high-quality and stylish fencing designs for Australian properties. 

Colorbond has provided 21 different colours for their fencing options, ensuring that whatever the design of your house, Colorbond fencing can match or compliment it and add value to your property. Your fencing can be coordinated with your roof, gutters, fascia, shed, walling, garage door, water tank, and more!


Colorbond fencing and steel has been tested for over 50 years in the rugged Australian environment, facing severe heat and both dry and wet conditions. The core base of Colorbond steel is constructed to comply with Australian Standard AS 1397, which ensures a high-quality fabrication and finish. Activate™ technology coats the steel base of the colorbond fencing panels, which improves anti-corrosion performance. 

To enhance the adhesion of additional coatings to the steel, a thin pretreatment layer is first applied, and a polyester primer is baked onto the steel surface. 

Exterior grade lead-free paint is applied as a topcoat, and baked on for added resistance to chips peeling and cracking ensuring the permanence of the finish to keep it’s vibrance as long as possible. This finish is compliant with Australian Standard AS 2728.

Avoid Cheap Copies

Ever since the tremendous success of Colorbond steel and Colorbond fencing, there have been competitors attempting to duplicate the success, and in some cases, pass off their own inferior products as Colorbond. That is why Colorbond has made it easy to check the authenticity of their steel and fencing, by branding it with a laser engraving on either side of the fence, at least three times for every 2.4 metres of fencing section. If this branding is absent, it is most likely the case that the fence panels are not authentic Colorbond fence panels. At Lyhart Fencing, we only use 100% certified Colorbond steel for our Colorbond fencing, and always provide the highest-quality fencing solutions

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