Security Fencing

A security fence, as the name implies, is a fence that serves to increase security. Security fencing is not your average home’s picket fence, and has a more important role to play.

The best approach to secure your space is by installing a fence. Security fencing mostly involves industrial sectors, schools, and company premises that need to protect their property and customers from invasion. Many business owners consider chain fences when they want to secure open areas such as storage facilities or parking lots.

Lyhart Fencing can assist you in finding the best fence solution for your needs if you’re searching for a security chain-wire or mesh fence for your home or business. We tailor our approach towards your specific situation and are committed to full transparency every step of the way.

We provide a wide selection of security fence options to fit your specific size and budget needs. To guarantee that we deliver only the best security fence options, all of our security fences are produced in our state-of-the-art fully equipped facility.

About Security Fencing

Fencing is a significant investment for many properties. There are numerous instances in which the intrusion or entry of an area may cause significant issues or even risk to the owner or trespasser of a property, and they may want to prevent unauthorised access.

There is also the potential when entering a property of hazards that could pose an extreme risk to unaware trespassers, such as for electrical or chemical facilities. This is where the need for security fencing becomes apparent, and there are several distinct types of fence choices available depending on the situation.

The traditional technique of making a fence difficult to scale is to simply build it too high for anybody to climb over, while at the same time ensuring that the design does not provide any handholds for individuals to get on top of the barrier.

Barbs are placed on the top of chainwire fencing, and horizontal barbed wire can be run across the top of chainwire. If using tubular fencing, ensure the fence is at least 1800mm high, and features a crimped top or spear top. This sort of fence may be found around numerous government buildings, roadways, and railway tracks, and it’s most popular in the case of residential security.

A deterrent at the top is also an option. These are generally made out of barbed wire, crimped tops, or spear tops. The barbed wire may be put in a horizontal line along the beams, with several layers that lean outwards in the other direction than the secured side of the fence. These perimeter fences, which are most often found in industrial areas, government buildings, and prisons, are not as popular for residential use. 

The most essential component of a security fence is its inability for an intruder to progress. Despite the many distinct methods and styles, the fact that a trespasser cannot go further is what distinguishes a security fence from anything else.

Most Common Security Fences

The most common forms of security fencing includes chainwire fencing, palisade fencing, and wire mesh fencing. When installing chainwire fencing, posts are erected in a concrete base, and the chainwire is spread across the posts to form the protective barrier. It’s up to the owner if they want to add barbed wire to the top of the fence as an additional deterrent. A downside to chainwire fencing is it’s lack of visual appeal and overt functionality. However, the option always exists to add PVC coating and powder coated posts to soften the appearance.

Palisade fencing is less common than chainwire fencing, but provides just as much security to a property’s borders. Palisade fencing features spear-like rods with sharp points, which makes climbing over near impossible. Palisade fencing is more expensive than chainwire fencing, but offers better visual appeal and flexibility with design. Steel or aluminium palisade fencing can be made into intricate designs, which can vastly improve the aesthetic appeal of your fencing. 

Spears may be added to the top of tubular panels for both decoration and safety. There are a number of different spear designs to choose from, including traditional and contemporary styles. The verticals can be face-welded onto or punched through the horizontal rails, depending on your preference.

The tubular fencing enthusiast will also enjoy the flexibility it offers. You may even include rings, scrolls, crosses, and symbols into the design if you like. 

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