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Lyhart Fencing offers custom made special panels for pool compliance, including extended nibs and raked panels for pool fencing and glass pool fencing .

If you’re looking for pool fencing ideas, it’s likely that you’ve already decided to build a pool in your backyard. However, consider the type of pool fence you wish to construct before calling your contractor to begin digging. Pool fences are required by law in Australia to safeguard residential pools from any potential accidents, generally to keep people from falling into the water. These codes usually contain information about your pool fence, such as the height of the barrier, the distance from the pool’s edge, and any gaps in it.

You may begin looking at various fence styles to get an indication of what you want to build while you should definitely read your municipality’s regulations before proceeding with pool fence ideas.

The ability to provide unblocked views and the illusion of more space makes glass pool fencing advantageous for smaller pools and designated pool regions. The glass pool fencing you choose may also be influenced by your home’s location. Because of the stronger wind in coastal areas or living up in the hills; strong, long-lasting glass pool fencing is required. You also need to make sure your pool fence isn’t near any barbeques, tables, or chairs to keep climbing youngsters out of places they’re not supposed to be. 


Glass fencing provides an aesthetically pleasing option to surround your pool with, allowing maximum visual exposure with added safety benefits. When it comes to pools, one of the benefits is the visual appeal, and the value that adds to your property. So it makes sense that you would choose a pool fencing option which allows you to actually see the pool, rather than hiding it. Glass pool fencing allows you to keep the visual appeal of your garden, and doesn’t make your garden look smaller like other fencing options. While privacy is more important to some people, there are still many who like to show off the visuals of a back garden with a pool in it. Glass fencing also provides added safety measures, due to the difficulty in climbing a glass fence, where there is a lack of foot and handholds for purchase. 

There are a number of options when it comes to glass pool fencing. Frameless glass pool fencing is one of the most popular options, chosen for their aesthetic appeal and subtle look. Frameless glass pool fencing gives your pool area a modern feel, and due to their lack of framing, does not make the space look smaller. Frameless glass pool fencing is secured with spigots made of aluminium, which provides a robust and durable foundation. Frameless glass pool fencing is difficult to scale and climb over, which makes it a good option for keeping kids and pets out of the pool area. The only thing to keep in mind is the transparency of the fencing, which could cause children to run into it unawares.

Framed glass pool fencing is constructed entirely of glass enclosed by a frame. This is a more robust choice with an emphasis on safety and strength over the frameless fence’s seamless appearance. They may still have a beautiful style and feel to them, depending on the sort of design you prefer. Framed glass pool fencing is less subtle than frameless glass pool fencing, which you should keep in mind when making the final decision. 


When it comes to metal pool fencing, the two most common options are aluminium and steel. Aluminium pool fencing is best for those property owners who prefer more options for different fencing styles. As opposed to other metals, aluminium is less likely to rust, lasts longer, is lighter, and less likely to chip. This all makes aluminium a good choice for people who frequently make use of their pool. Furthermore, aluminium fences are able to be customised into different styles, usually with variations to the vertical bars and toppers. Aluminium fencing can come in a wide range of colours and are easy to paint. 

For the past few years, steel pool fencing has been declining in popularity, due to it’s bulkiness and price. Many people do not see the benefit of steel over aluminium, especially because steel tends to rust and fade over time. However, steel does have benefits as well, including its strength, it’s ability to be easily painted and treated, and it’s potential for customisation. 

We can also make special and custom panels to assist with Pool Fencing Compliance. For example, we can make panels go over walls or down slopes to ensure pool fencing compliance in special situations. 

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No matter which pool fencing option you decide to go with, Lyhart Fencing will be able to provide the highest-quality, most cost-effective, and professional installation service to ensure you have the best possible finish. We always have customer satisfaction in mind, and will tailor our approach towards your specific situation. We have decades of experience in the fencing industry and can advise you as to the best possible options for your situation. You can also view pictures of previously completed jobs on our website to gain a better understanding of the different available options.

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